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Commercial Vehicles


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Truck or Lorry Rental Singapore

We provide truck rental in Singapore ranging from 10ft lorry rental or 14ft lorry rental to prime movers or tipper trucks. Rent a lorry with us today and meet your project needs with the flexibility in duration, applications and functionality.

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10 - 18 Ft

10 - 18 Footer trucks are suitable for transporting large items or large quantum of goods across various industries, spanning logistics, construction, food & beverage, port, utilities and environmental management industries.

We have different applications designed to meet each client's unique requirements.

Box Truck

Box trucks are handy vehicles for businesses that require safe transportation of large items and hauling of appliances and furniture.

Canopy Truck

Canopy trucks are ideal for transportation of goods, materials or workers across different locations.

Open Top Truck

Open top trucks are most suitable for the transportation of items with height restrictions.

Freezer Truck

Freezer trucks are very useful for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. They are commonly used for the transportation of food, but can also be used for transporting hazardous goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature during transport.

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3 pax

Payload (Up to)

4.6 tonnes

Seating Capacity for all ranges is inclusive of the driver.
In accordance with Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s regulation.
Varies with respect to make and model.


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Pickup trucks are ideal for general purpose usage in most industries. It can transport sizeable odd-shaped items or ferry workers to various locations.




5 pax

Payload (Up to)

1.2 tonnes

Seating Capacity for all ranges is inclusive of the driver.
In accordance with Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s regulation.
Varies with respect to make and model.


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Benefits of Leasing


Financial Advantage

Financial Advantage


lorry rental singapore

No upfront capital



Predictable monthly expense



No servicing and maintenance fees



No depreciation costs



Capital is freed for more productive uses




Factors to consider when leasing a truck

We understand that budget management is essential to any business. However, when it comes to leasing a truck, money should not be the priority factor to consider. Cheap is not necessarily good, and you may lease a truck that is unable to meet your requirements. You should consider these factors instead to get the best truck leasing for your business.


Lease your truck only when your project demands it. With Goldbell, you have the flexibility of having a short-term truck rental or long-term truck leasing options to suit your needs.


Understanding your project requirements can help determine what type of truck you need. Whether it's a 10-footer truck or a 14-footer truck, there are different upper structures available to suit your needs.


When it comes to choosing a truck to lease, its functions are important as it can help reduce costs, increase driver comfort, or even reduce vehicle downtime. For example, trucks options include an option to add-on Acudrive, a fleet management system that helps you control the essential aspects of your fleet operations anywhere, or Mobileye, a collision-avoidance system that's designed to alert drivers to certain accident-causing road behaviours.

Why Lease a Truck from Goldbell?

Goldbell is committed to bringing you the best services that we can offer. Rest assured that your truck leasing needs will be satisfied with us!


rent a lorry

4 decades of experience

rent a truck - flexible options

Largest commercial vehicle leasing fleet in Singapore


delivery van

Well-maintained and regularly serviced fleet


A wide selection of vehicles suited for any application and budget


A comprehensive range of quality parts


24 hours

24/7 breakdown service



Specialised aftersales personnel


Optional add-ons

- Acudrive, a fleet management system
- Mobileye, a lifesaving driver alert system